Here are Your Beautiful Tricycles


Vintage Tricycle Images — 26 Comments

  1. I have a cheny deluxe bike and was wondering that the value of this was it’s just like the picture you have posted on your page

  2. I have a trike I would like to identify and know if it’s worth restoring. You can see where they painted over the white stripes.


  3. Can anyone help me identify my tricycle? It has a Marshall Field badge, and I believe it is from the late 1930’s. Thanks in advance, Daniel

  4. I found a tricycle frame without a seat and back wheels and axle. The front wheel spokes and pedal pads are intact. The handle bars are the most unique in that they extend out then curve back to wards the frame. No clue what brand.

  5. I have a tricycle that looks like the one on this page. Second row first picture with several of the same in photo. Mine has metal pedals. No hand grips. Can you provide me any info on it?

  6. My old 1940’s era chain-drive trike has been altered and shows lots of wear (and love). Is it worth anything to a collector or hobbyist? Unfortunately the brand name d3cal is long gone.

    • That looks a lot like my tricycle that I’m trying to figure indentify. My has a badge on the front with a big MW logo. Are those the original tires on the back. I’m gonna upload a pic. Trying to learn more about my piece

  7. Can anyone give me some information on this? There are no markings or co.pany identification from what I can find. Wondering about company and year. Thanks

    • I had a tricycle like this one in 1962 or 1963. The only difference was my tricycle was all aluminum color with red handlebar grips. I remember this very clearly due to the fact I’ve gotten this tricycle for Christmas and my next-door neighbor broke it within two weeks. I was so disappointed as a child I can still remember my neighbors name that broke my first tricycle and my heart cause my dad said it cannot be repaired.

  8. I’m restoring this vintage trike, it was my aunts (1950’s) maybe? Lots of distinctive features. Can also see brush work and pinstriping. Also has the works Caltex, BP and Kedron (I’m guessing kedron brisbane? If anyone can let me know any information on it would be super helpful. Thanks in advance
    Richy 🙂

  9. I have a tricycle made from only flat steel and hot rivets, it has no tubular steel everything is constructed from a flat piece of steel. Handle bars are just a solid piece of 6mm round bar, seat is shaped and looks like it had a leather cover riveted to it. Trying to estimate its age/manafacture date

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