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Selected Red Tricycles Online

A classic red tricycle is considered an essential part of any bicycle collection. There is nothing more iconic than a little red three-wheel bicycle making its way down the street as a little tyke learns to ride with mom or dad pushing behind. Most well-known bicycle companies offer a version of their classic tricycles in red, and bicycle restoration companies frequently provide parts and paint in the classic cherry red color to match.

About Red Tricycles

several companies are known for making a classic red tricycle. Perhaps the most popular is Red Bird. Red Bird bicycles are frequently modeled in antique bicycle lines, but some manufacturers have started making a few of these classic bicycle styles again, including their retro tricycle.

Radio Flyer is quite popular with collectors. Radio Flyer made several design changes throughout its manufacturing days, giving collectors several distinct models to choose from. Classic tricycles or convertible grow-with-me tricycles are both popular with parents or collectors due to the versatility and the unique look of the body style.

Tip: A replica vintage red tricycle is probably cheaper and safer.

Classic Red Tricycle

It’s possible to find authentic red tricycles in good condition, but they may blow your budget. On the other hand, if you find an authentic vintage red tricycle for a dirt-cheap price, the odds are high that some of its parts aren’t functional and you wouldn’t want your kid on it.

There are some excellent replica online, such as the vintage-style red tricycles. They’re brand new, fully functional and best of all, built by original vintage tricycle manufacturers like Red Bird and Radio Flyer.

Take a Look at This Unique Model

Morgan Cycle Morgan Red Bird Trike

Classic Red Tricycle

The Mogan Red Bird Trike is one of the most classic tricycles on the market. The body style is very distinctive, offering a wide curved base that stretches down to provide a covering from the wheels. Unlike some models, the Red Bird trike is made from steel rather than aluminum, giving the bike plenty of support for new riders. Rubber tires, a leatherette saddle, and a battery-powered headlight complete the look, offering riders a comfortable, sporty ride.


A red tricycle is a classic piece that every bike collector should have in their collection. There are a variety of makes and models available, so it is easy to find a piece that offers all the classic charm of a vintage bike or something that offers a unique look and feel. Shopping online gives you access to plenty of vintage and modern models of red tricycles to choose from.

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