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New Tricycles Online

When a child attains three or four years of age, most parents begin looking into getting them a new tricycle, and with good reason too. At this age, they may not be able to balance on a two-wheeler. Even if the bicycle may have training wheels, the child’s tiny legs may not comfortably reach the pedals. Tricycles will give the child the chance to begin developing their movement and coordination before they make the transition to a bicycle. At the same time, they’re building their confidence and balance on the trike; the child will be exercising and preparing their muscles.

Buying New Tricycles

To give your child the right start in cycling you need a new tricycle that has the following attributes:


As we mentioned earlier, you need to choose a bike on which your child can comfortably reach the pedals. If you’re not sure which new tricycle will fit your child, you can opt for those with adjustable seating or pedals. There are some models that will even allow you to adjust the handles.


You want a trike that will not easily succumb to the rigors of cycling. Learning may involve a few tumbles, and you want a tricycle that will not come apart after a few knocks. For this reason, it is prudent to go for a unit with a steel frame as opposed to a plastic one. Also remember that the wider the wheelbase, the more stable the tricycle will be.


Besides being strong enough to support the weight of your child, the new tricycle should have a wide base of support to enhance the cyclist’s balance on the trike. For this reason, you might not want to go for some of the more compact models available. You also need to find out what the weight limit of the tricycle is, which most manufacturers will indicate.


For many parents money will be the first consideration when planning for a new tricycle. Prices vary depending on the materials used for construction, build quality, and the features the trike has. You might have to settle for a plastic model if you’re not willing to fork out more than $50.

Sample New Tricycles

Here you will find some articles about vintage tricycles. If you are looking for information about other classic American bicycles, you are invited to visit the page about vintage bicycles.

Vintage Tricycles

Big Wheel Tricycle

The Big Wheel tricycle is considered a must-have for many parents hoping to instill the love of bike riding in their children. Read more…

Vintage Tricycles

Radio Flyer Trike

A Radio Flyer tricycle is one of the most sought collectable from the classic era of bicycle manufacturing. These models are still being manufactured today due to their overwhelming popularity with collectors and parents looking for a bike that is easy to introduce to children learning to ride.

Vintage Tricycles

Red Tricycle

A red tricycle is a classic piece that every bike collector should have in their collection. There are a variety of makes and models available. Read more…

Vintage Tricycles

Wooden Tricycle

A wooden tricycle has been a part of the bicycle collecting world since the late 1860s. Now-a-days many companies are offering new and refurbished versions of a classic wooden tricycle for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Adult New Tricycles Online

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