Nice Blue Trek Trikester Kids Tricycle (Used - 125 USD)
Nice Blue Trek Trikester Kids Tricycle
(Used - 125 USD)

Trek started in 1976 as a team of just five trying to break into the touring frames market hitherto dominated by Italian and Japanese brands. Within less than three years, demand had outstripped supply forcing Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg, the company’s founders, to look for alternative grounds for a new factory. This signaled Trek’s graduation from a frames manufacturer to a complete bicycle maker.

Besides building full bikes, the company even ventured into the production of aftermarket parts. Innovations such as the bonded aluminum bike frame, which they introduced to the world in 2000, have kept Trek on the cutting edge of the cycling industry. Small wonder the likes of racing legend Lance Armstrong and former president George W. Bush have endorsed their products.

The same expertise and experience that makes Trek’s bikes some of the most sought-after in the world is applied to the company’s range of tricycles. Here are some of their models:

Unique Models

Trek Trikester

Did you know…?

Did you know that despite its age, the classic Trek Trikester offers so much control to the rider, that it can be used to drift?

When they designed the Trickster, Trek recognized that the stunts performed by motocross riders enamored children and BMX cyclists and wanted to enable children to practice these stunts safely. That’s why this vintage bicycle with a classic design can be used to perform decidedly modern tricks.

This is what you need to get your little boy when he turns four or five. It is just the tool you need to introduce him to the joys and benefits of cycling. It will be love at first sight when he lays eyes on this lovely blue and white contraption with retro flair.

You can rest assured your child will be safely supported by a sturdy frame and big rubber pneumatic tires. The seat is padded to keep the rider safe on long rides. Variations of this model with different colors are available if you would like to get one for your little girl.

Once your youngster has come to grips with and outgrown the Trickster, you can graduate them into Trek bicycles, starting with models like the Jet 12, which comes with training wheels.

Bicycles and Bicycling

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Bicycles and Bicycling


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