(Used - 500 USD)
Antique Velocipede Toy French Horse Tricycle Iron and Wood made in France 1860’s (Used - 495 USD)Antique Velocipede Toy French Horse Tricycle Iron and Wood made in France 1860’s
(Used - 495 USD)
Vintage wood carved horse tricycle (Used - 340 USD)Vintage wood carved horse tricycle
(Used - 340 USD)
1920's Antique tricycle with wood seat and filled in wheels (Used - 225 USD)1920's Antique tricycle with wood seat and filled in wheels
(Used - 225 USD)

Wooden Tricycles Online

Wooden Tricycle Models

A wooden tricycle has been a part of the bicycle collecting world since the late 1860s. There is not much information about when the first wood tricycles were made, but it is assumed that these bikes were often homemade using leftover parts from items such as golf carts to provide entertainment for children. By the 1870s these bikes were considered a classic children’s toy that was sold in many catalogues and toy stores.

Many companies are offering new and refurbished versions of a classic wooden tricycle for enthusiasts to enjoy. These bikes offer a frame made from light wood with no non-toxic materials, making them incredibly environmentally sound. Tricycles made of wood are also known for lacking a chain, making them safe for new riders to learn how to maneuver with ease.

Selected Wooden Tricycles

Prince Lionheart Whirl Balance Scooter

Wooden Tricycle

The Prince Lionheart Whirl Balance Scooter is a unique vintage wooden tricycle that provides plenty of charm. The steering and coordination required to maneuver this bicycle are fairly advanced, giving children plenty of opportunity to grow into this bike and enjoy it for years to come. In addition to a solid birch frame, the Prince Lionheart model comes with an adjustable seat, large 12” rubber tires, and rubber handgrips to help maintain control while riding.

Skuut Balance Bike

Wooden Tricycle

Those looking for a basic wooden tricycle can find plenty of appeal in the Skuut Balance Bike. The simple chain-less, pedal-less design has been popular in Europe for many years, offering “Flintstone style” riding that is ideal for young children just getting used to a bike. Because the bike requires both feet to remain on the ground to move there is no worry about the bike tipping over or losing control as it picks up speed.

Wishbone 3 in 1 Original Bike

Wooden Tricycle

In true tricycle fashion, the Wishbone 3 in 1 Original Bike offers a three-wheeled design that is low to the ground, making it easy to stand behind and help with balance or coordination as the rider learns to control the trike on their own. The bike can convert from a classic trike to a running bike when it is flipped, making it ideal for those who hope their children will use this bike for a long period before they grow out of it.

Did you know…?

Wooden Tricycle

Did you know that for some time, wooden tricycles were as popular among women as children?

In the 1880s, women were drawn to the wooden tricycle for its elegant design. As they had trouble mounting and dismounting from tall bicycles in their cumbersome dresses, the wooden tricycle became a logical alternative and women flocked to stores to purchase this classy accessory.


Due to the environmental impact, a wooden tricycle is becoming a more popular option for parents and collectors today. Classic models offer plenty of control over speed and steering, making it less likely that the rider will take a fall while they are still learning to handle the bike on their own. These stylish pieces also stand out against more common metal or plastic versions, giving them plenty of vintage appeal.

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