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Selected Retro Tricycles Online

Retro Tricycles

Retro tricycles are a good bet if you want a trike for your child that will make them really stand out. Apart from their unique visual appeal, these tricycles are known for their sturdiness and overall build quality. They are mostly made with strong steel frames. Unlike some of the modern tricycles with plastic wheels, retro tricycles are usually fitted with pneumatic rubber wheels. There are many other considerations to take into account when considering whether to buy your child a retro model so let’s look at a few pros and cons.


Sturdiness: – As we’ve mentioned earlier, retro tricycles are made with steel frames. This sturdy construction adds to the durability of the trike and its ability to resist knocks and misuse by the most exuberant of kids. If you’re looking for a tricycle that will stay in the family from generation to generation, a retro model is a better investment.

Aesthetics: – The simple design and bold colors on retro trikes hold an irresistible appeal to both kids and parents. Whether its Schwinn or Radio Flyer, the beauty of their designs never grows old.


Size: – Most of these older tricycle models tend to be large and may not be suitable for those with younger infants. Kids of less than three years will most likely not be able to reach the pedals on retro tricycles. Their height above the ground and thinner wheels also tend to make them less stable to an extent.

Accessories: – Whereas newer models come with such features as sunroofs and safety bar for guardians to control the tricycle’s movement, retro trikes are mostly basic. Most of these add-ons enhance the safety and usability of the tricycle. However, some retro tricycles have adjustable seats, among several other important features.

Sample Retro Tricycles

Chopper Balance Bike

The Chopper Balance Bike offers a beautiful two-wheeled design that offers the look and feel of a motorcycle, making it very popular with young boys. The light, birch frame is topped off by rubberized handle grips and pneumatic rubber tires. The tires are spoke-less to promote optimum safety and the bike is designed with limited steering to prevent jackknifing on the frame.

Prince Lionheart Whirl Balance Scooter

The Prince Lionheart Whirl Balance Scooter is a unique vintage wooden tricycle that provides plenty of charm. The steering and coordination required to maneuver this bicycle are fairly advanced, giving children plenty of opportunity to grow into this bike and enjoy it for years to come. In addition to a solid birch frame, the Prince Lionheart model comes with an adjustable seat, large 12” rubber tires and rubber handgrips to help maintain control while riding.

Skuut Balance Bike

Those looking for a basic wooden tricycle can find plenty of appeal in the Skuut Balance Bike. The simple chain-less, pedal-less design has been popular in Europe for many years, offering “Flintstone style” riding that is ideal for young children just getting used to a bike. Because the bike requires both feet to remain on the ground in order to move there is no worry about the bike tipping over or losing control as it picks up speed.

Wishbone 3 in 1 Original Bike

In true tricycle fashion, the Wishbone 3 in 1 Original Bike offers a three-wheeled design that is low to the ground, making it easy to stand behind and help with balance or coordination as the rider learns to control the trike on their own.

The bike can convert from a classic trike to a running bike when it is flipped, making it ideal for those who hope their children will use this bike for a long period of time before they grow out of it.

Where to Buy a Retro Tricycle?

If you are interested in buying a retro tricycle you are invited to visit this trusted online store:

Retro Tricycles

Buying a Retro Tricycle on eBay

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Last Word About Retro Tricycles

While retro tricycles may not match more contemporary models for practicality, they have a beauty and durability that transcends generations.

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