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Selected Plastic Tricycles Online

Plastic Tricycles

For many little kids a tricycle will be the first means of transportation they ever own as they are an ideal way to be introduced to cycling. Although some people still opt for steel framed tricycles, plastic trikes are now the most popular choice for contemporary parents. Here we look at the positive and the challenging points of both types in order t understand why this is the case.

Plastic Tricycle Pros and Cons


Price: – With a budget of $50 or less, you are assured of getting a necessary plastic tricycle, while spending more brings more choice in designs and accessories. Metal framed trikes, (which includes most retro styles), tend to be more expensive, with some costing more than $200.

Easy assembly: – Even if you’re not a DIY enthusiast, you will be able to get a plastic tricycle up and running within a few minutes of its delivery, while steel-framed trikes tend to be more challenging to put together. You might need special tools or even professional assistance to get the trike ready for a child to ride.

Stability: – Plastic tricycles tend to be built lower to the ground and therefore have a lower chance of tipping over and injuring the rider. Their plastic tires also tend to have a larger wheelbase than the pneumatic rubber tires of steel tricycles, further increasing their stability.

Styling: – More styling options are possible with molded plastic than with steel trikes. Kids love bright colors and designs that are similar to real-world objects, and plastic offers a wider range of these than steel can.


Build quality: – Many parents who have bought their child a plastic tricycle complain that the materials feel cheap and flimsy. Plastic tires fitted on these trikes don’t turn on some surfaces, such as polished wood, making riding the trike impossible.

Where to Buy a Plastic Tricycle?

If you are interested in buying plastic tricycle you are invited to visit this trusted online store:

Plastic Tricycles

Buying a Plastic Tricycle on eBay

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