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Whenever tricycles are mentioned, we automatically envision the tiny three-wheelers through which children are introduced to cycling, but adult tricycles do exist. They are steadily rising in popularity today as more and more brands explore this growing niche. As demand for adult trikes grows, more and more options and features are being added to cater to specific needs. Whoever thought riding a tricycle could be cool?

Why buy an adult tricycle?

You were probably weaned off your trike years ago as a kid and had a bike or motorbike for your leisure riding or exercise. So why go back to riding a tricycle? There are several reasons grown-ups would opt for a trike over a bike.

Disability: – Some folks have been rendered incapable of balancing on two-wheelers by some physical handicap or the other. Adult tricycles allow such individuals to get on and offer them stability while pedaling easily. They can also be able to get off the tricycle more easily than a bicycle.

Comfort: – You might be at an age where you just want to enjoy your ride while getting a little bit of exercise. A tricycle will allow you to burn the calories while offering you better support to ease the strain on your back and arms. Unlike a bike, you can pedal as slowly as you wish on adult tricycles without losing your balance.

Types of adult tricycles

There were times this kind of trike was limited to just a few designs, but with their increasing popularity, makers have dug deep to offer potential buyers variety.

Low step tricycles: – These are perfect for you if you’re getting on in age and don’t want to strain to get onto your bike or trike. The pedals are low, allowing riders to mount and dismount easily.

Electric tricycles: – With this kind of trike, you can choose to pedal or not and still get from point A to B. When you get tired of pedaling you can flick a switch, and the engine will take over.

Husky industrial trikes: – These adult tricycles are suitable for heavy carrying and are quite rugged. They commonly have the wheels you’ll find on a standard bicycle.

Adult Tricycles on eBay

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Bicycles and Bicycling

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Bicycles and Bicycling