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Collecting vintage tricycles has increased significantly in popularity in the past several years. Many popular bicycle manufacturers created stylish tricycles throughout their previous production phases, offering collectors an interesting variety of makes and models to choose from. Tricycles are available in models from the pre-1900s onward, allowing collectors to round out their collection no matter their specialty.

Did you know…?

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Did you know that the very first tricycle may have been powered using hand cranks?

Historians have found evidence that the world’s first tricycle was built by a German man in 1680 who was paralyzed from the waist down. It incorporated a three-wheeled design to help him maintain his balance and was powered by two hand cranks. 110 years later, the Frenchmen Blanchard and Maguier independently developed the first incarnation of the modern pedal-powered tricycle.

Just like in most other areas where fashion is concerned, retro designs are making a quiet comeback in the tricycle world. There’s just something about how they used to style stuff in the 60s, 70s, and 80s that tugs at your heart, especially if you were a child in those years. Vintage tricycles may have nothing on today’s trikes in terms of comfort and speed, but the sight of them brings a unique sense of nostalgia that modern ones don’t.

When you shop around online, you will be surprised at the sheer number of options available to you. You can get tricycles from the 1960s made by brands like AMF Junior Toy Co. It won’t take you much time to find such trikes that, although used, are in excellent condition. The designs you will find are quite impressive; one of the most readily available is a 1930s model with the trademark curved bar in the middle of the frame. This design can be found in a wide range of colors. Your little tyke will love the green vintage classic tricycle with the cute small Mickey Mouse illustrations. If you want to go retro, you can get a 1920s vintage tricycle. The ones available for sale are elementary and might need a paint job, among other modifications.

AMF Junior have lovely tricycle frames from the 1960s which you can attach handlebars to so that your child can use it. It comes with the original tires as well, and the entire frame looks as good as new though over 40 years old. There is another design from the sixties offered by Precision Metal, which is covered in metallic brown and whose seat is fixed to a straight, diagonal bar. Its front wheel is covered with a small metal hood as well.

Classic Tricycle Manufacturers


One of the most popular bicycle brands for riders and collectors is Schwinn. Vintage and antique tricycles from many classic eras are still being produced, so collectors will need to determine if they would like a new model or a vintage piece that they will upkeep and restore. A classic Schwinn trademark is the brightly colored frame with high arching details that make it an attractive showpiece as well as comfortable to ride.

Western Auto Supply

Western Auto Supply is most known for producing the Western Flyer bicycle line. This included several attractive tricycles that are worth a great deal on the collectors market. Western Flyers were known for constantly providing innovations to frame style and handling, making them easier to ride and more suitable for long-term riders. Because of this, there is a great deal of variety from model to model.

Big Wheel

Big Wheels are often overlooked because they are a less expensive brand offering a plastic frame rather than metal or wood. However, these bikes are growing in popularity once again, making them valuable collector’s pieces. Those interested in classic tricycles can easily find a Big Wheel in good condition to round out their collection.


Trek bicycles are not commonly associated with offering vintage bicycles because their line of modern sportbikes is so popular, but there are several vintage models that are ideal for rounding out any collection. Trek offers a few tricycle models that are ideal for new riders to help learn how to control a bike without help. With such a distinct building style, a Trek cycle is sure to fit in with any collection.

Collecting American Classic Tricycles

Collecting vintage tricycles has become increasingly popular amongst bike dealers today. Most well-known bicycle brands offer a trademark tricycle that will fit into any collection. Shopping online can help you find tricycles from any vintage or maker so you can easily find new pieces that are offered at a great price, offering plenty of room to purchase more pieces later.

Those that are interested in buying vintage models that are very old may find that it is difficult to find tricycles online that are in mint condition at a reasonable price. If you are willing to put in a bit of work to restore old tricycles you can wind up with a high-quality piece that is sure to turn heads. Most American classic bicycle manufacturers offer replacement parts and helpful guides that you can use to help get your vintage bikes back to its prime condition.

Whether you are a newcomer to the bicycle collecting world or you have been collecting for years, vintage tricycles are sure to offer plenty of sales appeal for your collection.

Here are some sample Vintage Tricycles found on eBay

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Bicycles and Bicycling


Vintage Tricycles — 125 Comments

  1. I recently found a light blue trike but have had zero luck finding out any info on it. It’s made by the international tool & machine company, Memphis Tennessee. The head tag has mustang with the running horse if you can please point me in any direction for age, value, collectablity I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks jp

  2. I have a 1970s vintage purple Murray tricycle. I’m currently trying to find out how much it would be to restore your input is much appreciated thank you.

  3. Hi, i recently bought this tricycle in Thailand, the name on the plate on the gooseneck and footpanel is red Indian, I’m just looking for some information on it as it is similar to the boohnthee style (which I found a few) but only found one of these, is it worth holding onto or restoring? Any info would be appreciated, I’m guessing it is from about the same era as the boohnthee made in Burma ones (1930’s?)

    • Did you ever find out what the make or model of this trike was. I am curious because I believe I have same one and can not find it anywhere.?

  4. Can u tell me anything about this tricycle ?
    I can’t find anything on the web

    Thank you for your time and consideration


  5. I have a mint condition blue and white amf junior tricycle. For the life of me I cannot find a value or worth on it.

    • I see you asked for information on your trike did you ever get a reply because I am having the same problem I have the exact same thing and am in the UK if you did get some information on it could you pass it please many thanks

  6. Can anyone tell me the approx. year of manufacture of my Taylor rear chain drive (skiptooth chain) tricycle? 20in. front tire-16in. rear tires

  7. I have a tricycle from the 30’s or 40’s which is green and white in color. The grips are white. It has a brass tag riveted on the front, however I can’t see the name. On the bottom of the front fender on each side is the name Skippy, put there when made and not some kids name painted on. On the back axle there are two individual steps to stand on, instead of a platform going all the way across. Looking at pictures of old tricycles, I can’t find anything that looks the same. Wondering if it might have something to do with Skippy Skinner of comic book fame from the 20’s and 30’s?
    Thank you, James Dugan, Frenchtown, MT

  8. My wife and I found this tricycle and not sure of what era or an approximate value, other than the seller wants 125, we like it but don’t want to over pay. Thank you for any help you can give.

  9. Just found this hand powered tricycle. Probably teens vintage or earlier. Uses block chain and has tubular tires on steel rims. Any info appreciated.

  10. I have inherited a DRAKE tricycle made in England, (according to the name on trike). It is adult size, with the basket, ringer, and in fair condition. Have you heard of these and have any idea of a price range on them? We wish to sell it and have no idea of the value. Thanks, Phil Biron

  11. Could you tell me year this tricycle is from please and if it’s worth anything?
    The grey paint can easily be removed and it’s rusty underneath


  13. Hi I just got a vintage Columbia Tricycle for my daughter . She loves it 🙂 I was trying to find out how old it is without much luck . Any info anyone has would be appreciated . Thanks Chris

  14. Do you have any information on this bike you could help me with? The nameplate is missing I’m having trouble tracking down info on it. Brand or worth?

  15. Picked this up in Davenport at a swap meet tag said 60’s.. can anyone tell me about it how much its worth where I can get rear wheels and spokes for this tricycle ? Much appreciated.

  16. Did you ever find out what the make or model of this trike was. I am curious because I believe I have same one and can not find it anywhere.?

  17. Did you ever find out what the make or model of this trike was. I am curious because I believe I have same one and can not find it anywhere.

  18. What is this I can’t anything about it does anyone know it’s value or where I can find information about it found in Maine behind my barn know that the leafs are falling it was made in temple city California it says thanks any help is appreciated email me at steven.vine1@aol.com

  19. Would like info on a vintage tricycle. Very well built and heavy. Very thin
    Handle bars. Solid red solid trims. Tire on front is a Firestone 14 inch

  20. Can anyone tell me what a AMF Hugger is worth? I’ve had it since I was a kid, and now need to find it a good home.

  21. just got this at a flea market..It all works ..need 14″ rear wheels.. seat..looking to identify..thanks for any help

      • I was wondering if anyone might know the value of this wonderful 1950s happy rider random tricycle. My husband brought one home to me in very good condition and that’s all in know of it. Die love to know a little about this beauty I was fortunate enough to acquire. Also I just have no idea how to find out what the value might be.

    • I had this when I was a kid! I’ve been searching for it online for years! My mom bought it off someone selling them on a street corner!

    • Hello,
      I have the same bike but don’t know much either? Did you find anything out? I got mine at an estate sale but the back seat is pretty torn.

    • I just bought the exact same kids bike a little less as good as yours doesn’t have the back seat pad I think the bike is pretty cool do you need another bike for parts 727-564-3842 if so

  22. I have my mother’s early 1950’s tricycle. It is in great shape, except the front tire which is solid rubber is starting to crumble. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement tire or wheel? Thanks in advance.

  23. Can you tell me anything about the Metal Imex Inc Super Startrike? A friend of mine has one and wants to sell it but I can’t find any information on it. I have pictures if you email me. Thank you!

  24. Some one tell me something about this tricycle. A old friend gave it to me and I’m very interested in restoring it. The head badge is stillattached, but I’m unable to find it. It resembles a 1940 Colson but I’m not sure. Thanks

  25. This is my tricycle from when I was a toddler. My mother recently gave it to me. I would like to restore it to its original condition. First of all, can you tell me what brand and what model it is? Where can I get information about the original appearance? Who can help me with restoration? Thank you.

  26. This is my tricycle from when I was a toddler. My mother recently gave it to me. I would like to restore it to its original condition. First of all, can you tell me what brand and what model it is? Where can I get information about the original appearance? Who can help me with restoration?

  27. Can anyone help identify this tricycle? I can tell it’s a Junior model tricycle and obviously old. Just having trouble finding the exact one to identify it fully. There appears to have been many different logos for Junior over the years!

  28. Good morning, someone helps me to answer what is the model of my tricycle, I am restoring it and I will finish it in a few weeks

  29. Trying to help a friend find info on this trike she was gifted for her son. She would like to restore it to original color if possible

  30. Can anyone help identify this tricycle? The badge cannot be read. It does have some sort of stripe or marking on each side of the front wheel and on the middle part.

  31. Hi, I have a vintage Roadmaster tricycle, never used. It’s the red, white and blue edition. Blue frame, white seat and red handles with Made in the USA Sticker on seat. Can anyone tell me any history of this tricycle? I’m having a hard time finding any info.

  32. These were given To me for free … I like antiques but know nothing about restoring these … I would like to restore them for my grandchildren but I also want to preserve this bike to the condition in which it naturally was and keep it authentic. Can anyone tell me anything about this particular tricycle ? Maybe what to keep
    In mind when restoring it ? About how much is it worth? The owner said they were 35 years old . I didn’t realize tricycle collection was a thing … very interesting . I noticed being bike has pedals does it matter what color ? How can I tell what color they were suppose to be ? Should I buy parts and paint them ? But new parts that’s aren’t AMF ?

  33. Hello I purchased Murray t Tricycle is there any way to take out Crank it Seems as well today is there anyway to take it out I would like to restore it here is a picture of it

  34. Hello I found a metallic green tricycle made by Colombia it has a metallic gold seat. Trying to find year and value any help is really appreciated

  35. I’m trying to find out what year and make this vintage a tricycle is it’s a two seater with a chain connected to one of the petals

  36. we have had this tricycles (AMF Junior) in the family for over 40 years. I would love to know the value. There are rust spots, especially around the tires. Any help would be appreciated.

  37. we have had this tricycles (Hedstrom in the family for over 40 years. I would love to know the value. There are rust spots, especially around the tires. Any help would be appreciated.

  38. I have an old tricycle that is so old, the seat is wood and the trailer that comes with it is has wood rails around it it is in desperate need to be restored. I am looking for someone near the Portland area Oregon to restore this for me. Any ideas would be great!

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