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Sample Radio Flyer Trikes

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle

The Classic Radio Flyer Trike

One of the most popular models in the Radio Flyer line is the Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle. This model is most well-known for the two small steps behind the seat, allowing children to easily climb aboard and start riding without the worry that they will tip the bike over or lose their balance. These decks also provide convenient handholds for parents hoping to help little ones learn to maneuver the bike as they start to ride for the very first time.

Most versions of the Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle include elements like spoked wheels, a bell or streamers on the handlebars. These elements can add an element of style as well as value if you can find the originals intact. Red Rider still produces parts and models that match the original, making it easy to invest in replacements if you are restoring a bike.

Radio Flyer Classic Red 10 – Inch Tricycle

The Classic Radio Flyer Trike

The Red Flyer Classic also provides unique charm for bike collectors. This model only has one small step behind the seat, and the seat is more highly elevated than the Dual Deck, making it easier for children to continue riding as they grow. The adjustable seat and handlebars help ensure that children will continue to fit on their favorite bike even as they start to age.

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike Red

The Classic Radio Flyer Trike

Those looking for a more unique piece can look to the Radio Flyer tricycle 4-in-1 bike. This model can act as a stroller, steering bike, learn to ride tricycle and classic tricycle by adjusting the straps and pedals. The model even includes a canopy that will help protect young riders from the sun and cup holders for the busy parent pushing the bike from behind.

Radio Flyer Grow ‘N Go Flyer

The Classic Radio Flyer Trike

The Grow ‘N Go Flyer is a motorcycle-style tricycle that is perfect for a new rider. The bike includes oversized plastic wheels on a steel frame, offering a comfortable ride. The back of the frame includes a basket so your child can bring their favorite toys along for the ride. The seat also includes a convenient handle so parents can easily follow along, offering a helpful push as children learn to pedal on their own.

Selected Radio Flyer Trikes Online

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