Antique Schwinn Tricycle Bike  (Used - 600 USD)
Antique Schwinn Tricycle Bike
(Used - 600 USD)

Your tricycle collection cannot be complete without a Schwinn model parked in your garage. For the better part of the 20th century, this brand dominated the bicycle industry, churning out beautiful, practical machines. It all started as a dream in the mind of German-born Ignaz Schwinn, who had worked in bicycle factories in Europe before he emigrated to Chicago. The founding of his own bicycle company happened when there was a bicycle boom in the US. Handed down from generation to generation of Schwinns, the company continued to thrive. Over time Schwinn became a household name.

The company may have been recently bought out but there are some products that Schwinn will always be remembered for. If you don’t have a vintage Schwinn Tricycle in your garage, you probably know someone who does. Here are some of the more popular models you may have seen:

Selected Vintage Schwinn Tricycles

There are several styles of Schwinn bicycles from different eras, which gives collectors a great deal of room when it comes to selecting a piece for their collection. Shopping by year or body type can help collectors find the perfect Schwinn tricycle for their collection.

Schwinn 12″ Roadster Red Tricycle

Adorned with unique ‘mustache’ handlebars, this beauty will tickle your little man’s fancy. And it’s just not its eye-catching looks that make this the ideal toy for your child. Its frame is sturdy, intentionally built with a low center of gravity to further ensure the safety of the rider. Buoyed by smooth pneumatic tires, your child will be super comfortable. The beauty of this trike is that you can adjust the handlebars and saddle to suit the height of the rider.

Schwinn 26″ Meridian Tricycle

Modeled after the bicycles of the 60s and 70s, this model works with 24-inch alloy wheels to accommodate smaller riders. The design of the handlebars and the larger seat ensure your comfort while the rear wheel fenders remind you of the era this tricycle represents.

Beach Cruiser

Schwinn has retro trikes for adults as well. The 26-inch Tri Bicycle Beach Cruiser is built to carry an adult as well as some items in the carrier at the back. Some folks with back problems have used it and are happy with the smoothness of the ride and the fact that they can carry stuff in its basket.

Last Word About Shewinn Tricycle

A vintage Schwinn tricycle is just what you or your young ones need for leisurely weekend rides. It is a brand with a reputation for quality which has been built over more than a century. You won’t fail to find a Schwinn if you search on online stores such as eBay.

Antique Schwinn Tricycle Bike  (Used - 600 USD)Antique Schwinn Tricycle Bike
(Used - 600 USD)
1979 Schwinn Tri-Wheeler Town & Country 241979 Schwinn Tri-Wheeler Town & Country 24" 3 Speed Adult 3 Wheel Trike Tricycle
(Used - 395 USD)
Schwinn Meridian Comfort Adult Tricycle, 26 Inch Wheels, Single Speed (New - 285.07 USD)Schwinn Meridian Comfort Adult Tricycle, 26 Inch Wheels, Single Speed
(New - 285.07 USD)
Rare Schwinn Gladiator - BMX/Bicycle/Tricycle/Razor Hybrid (75 USD)Rare Schwinn Gladiator - BMX/Bicycle/Tricycle/Razor Hybrid
(75 USD)

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  1. I have a vintage schwinn tricycle looks looks the vintage roaster red tricycle except mine has a flat metal seat. Is there a number or markings on vintage tricycles and how do I find out it’s year and worth?

  2. Hello, my name is Benny.
    I’m looking at your site. Don’t see what I need. Perhaps you can point me In the right direction.
    I’m looking for a 16” wheel and axle, for a Schwinn tricycle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I have a 24 inch tricycle and here’s the serial number 027088 can anyone tell what year it is and make because I can’t find it and I was told that it’s a 1955 Schwinn tricycle and I would like to make sure.Thank you

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