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Collecting vintage tricycles has become increasingly popular amongst bike dealers today. Most well-known bicycle brands offer a trademark tricycle that will fit in to any collection. Shopping online can help you find tricycles from any vintage or maker so you can easily find new pieces that are offered at a great price, offering plenty of room to purchase more pieces later.

Those that are interested in buying vintage models that are very old may find that it is difficult to find tricycles online that are in mint condition at a reasonable price. If you are willing to put in a bit of work to restore old tricycles you can wind up with a high quality piece that is sure to turn heads. Most American classic bicycle manufacturers offer replacement parts and helpful guides that you can use to help get your vintage bikes back to its prime condition.

Whether you are a newcomer to the bicycle collecting world or you have been collecting for years, vintage tricycles are sure to offer plenty of sales appeal for your collection.

Classic Tricycle Manufacturers


One of the most popular bicycle brands for riders and collectors is Schwinn. Vintage and antique tricycles from many classic eras are still being produced, so collectors will need to determine if they would like a new model or a vintage piece that they will upkeep and restore. A classic Schwinn trademark is the brightly colored frame with high arching details that make it an attractive showpiece as well as comfortable to ride.

Western Auto Supply

Western Auto Supply is most known for producing the Western Flyer bicycle line. This included several attractive tricycles that are worth a great deal on the collectors market. Western Flyers were known for constantly providing innovations to frame style and handling, making them easier to ride and more suitable for long-term riders. Because of this, there is a great deal of variety from model to model.

Big Wheel

Big Wheels are often overlooked because they are a less expensive brand offering a plastic frame rather than metal or wood. However, these bikes are growing in popularity once again, making them valuable collectors pieces. Those interested in classic tricycles can easily find a Big Wheel in good condition to round out their collection.


Trek bicycles are not commonly associated with offering vintage bicycles because their line of modern sport bikes is so popular, but there are a number of vintage models that are ideal to round out any collection. Trek offers a few tricycle models that are ideal for new riders to help learn how to control a bike without help. With such a distinct building style, a Trek cycle is sure to fit in with any collection.

Bicycles and Bicycling

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Bicycles and Bicycling


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  1. I would like to know the age of my tricycle and the value. Do you know of a book that might have the information in it?

  2. When I was a little boy I had a tricycle with a wagon connected to it and had a tarp roof on it .
    That was back in 1961 or two I’m looking for one for my grandson

  3. I have a Stanley Flyer tricycle manufactured by Stanley Engineering Corp Philadelphia, PA. I cannot find any information anywhere about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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